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Guardian ad Litem - PBC

Speak Up for Kids - PBC

Speak Up for Kids - PBC


  • ​Identify resources and services for the child.
  • Facilitate a collaborative relationship between all parties, and help to create a situation in which the child’s needs are met.


  • ​Attend and participate in court hearings and related meetings to advocate for a permanent plan that will serve the child’s best interest and that will be in accordance with federal and state laws.  
  • Determine whether appropriate services are being provided to the child and family.


  • ​Submit monthly child visitation and activity reports.​ 
  • Submit a signed report every six months with recommendations to the court. ​​
  • Maintain communication with your Child Advocacy Coordinator and provide updates for the case file records.​


  • Conduct an objective and systematic examination of the situation, including relevant history, environment, relationships, and needs of the child. 
  • Interview family, friends, school staff, medical doctors, therapists, and anyone involved in the child's life. ​
  • Visit the child at least once every 30 days.

Duties of the GAL Volunteer

Guardian ad Litem Program - Palm Beach County