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Guardian ad Litem Program - Palm Beach County

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Speak Up For Kids

Showcase by Echo Fine Properties

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GAL Program, Palm Beach County

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Speak Up for Kids - PBC

Speak Up for Kids - PBC

PBC Commission Proclaims May as National Foster Care, Speak Up for Kids, and Guardian ad Litem Month!

Thank you card from GAL child.

From Mireya, CAM:

     I would like to thank Coleen of the Speak Up for Kids Program, for all her hard work in getting our children recognized. With her help, one of our youths, J.C., was nominated for PBSO PAL's 2020 "Adopt A Senior Award". Today's event was absolutely amazing and to see my youth overwhelmed with tears of joy was priceless. I wanted to share this moment with you all. J.C. had no idea and has not seen me in person for a little over two months due to COVID-19.

I met J.C after taking on her case along with her twin brother's when I was a GAL volunteer 6 years ago. Once I became a CAM, I continued to remain as the acting GAL advocating for her in every way possible. J.C.'s brothers were reunified with the mother, but J.C. believed it was best for her to remain in care. Last month she graduated from Palm Beach Gardens High School and will be transitioning into EFC. She will be attending Palm Beach State College to start her journey on becoming a Pediatrician. Although, she tends to go back and forth in wanting to complete the police academy. Either way, I will continue to be her number one cheerleader.

Thank you Speak Up For Kids and The Guardian Ad Litem Program for this opportunity!

Guardian ad Litem - PBC