LGBTQ Cultural Competency Training

Thursday, September 27, 2018      1:00 - 4:00 pm

COMPASS Community Center
205 N Dixie Hwy - Suite 2, West Palm Beach

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In-Service Training Requirements

In-service training hours (12-hours required annually) may be completed by participating in our book club or doing self study. A selection of books and movies are available (see link below) some of which are in our lending library. Forms to apply for credit may be found on the Optima and Forms page under GAL Resources. Credit will be given as follows: 

  • Two credit hours per book read will be given when a request is submitted with a summary report of the book. One credit hour will be given if you participate in a group discussion of the book and an additional credit hour will be given if you attend an author presentation (must have read the book and provide summary report).  Click here for In-Service Training Request form.
  • One credit hour will be given for watching one of the approved movie selections and submitting a summary report. Click here for In-Service Training Request form.
  • Continuing Education Credit will be given for attending third-party training conferences when a certificate from the class, seminar, or conference is submitted. Click here for In-Service Training Request form.

GAL Lending Library

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In-Service Training

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Guardian ad Litem - PBC

Speak Up for Kids - PBC

Understanding and Responding

to Domestic Violence

Thursday, September 27, 2018      9:00 am - Noon

West Palm Beach Courthouse

5th Floor Training Room

Upcoming Training Sessions

Guardian ad Litem Program - Palm Beach County

Speak Up for Kids - PBC